How to share screen on FaceTime?

By | March 17, 2022

How to share screen on FaceTime?: The process in which one user’s screen on a device is made visible to another person on their device is called screen sharing. There are various reasons why people do this. You are browsing to the other person for an issue that you ran into on your device. Though there are numerous app available to achieve this. This is available on one’s device when their screen is share. Until now, by using third-party apps, users were putting their data/content at risk. But with apple enabling screen sharing capabilities, this is no longer a concern.

share screen on FaceTime


Why screen sharing through FaceTime is more secure?

Everyone knows that Apple products are not easy to hack, the major reason behind this is because, unlike android and other operating systems, apps that are not verified cannot be easily installed on Apple devices. One can rest assure be certain that their data is secure when using FaceTime. Though one cannot access screen sharing from within FaceTime directly, there exists a workaround that helps achieve this.

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How to share screen through FaceTime?

Facetime is an application that was originally designed and developed by Apple for audio/video calls. The calls instead of using the cellular network, use the internet through WIFI or cellular data. Though the application is available for use since 2010, the recent advancements have made it possible to share your screen.

The easiest method to share screen on FaceTime is as follows:

  1. Go to the phone app, tap contacts and search for the person that you want to share your screen with.
  2. Open the contact and tap initiate screen sharing.
  3. Your phone calls the contact over voice using FaceTime
  4. As soon as the other party picks up, screen sharing starts.

Even when an individual is miles apart, screen sharing makes it easy to do any trouble-shooting a walk through the park. Both users can then continue to work through screen sharing as they were sitting next to each other.

FaceTime call on iPhone

share screen on FaceTime

Disadvantages of screen sharing

Even though there are a lot of advantages when it comes to screen sharing, there are also certain disadvantages. As the entire contents are visible to the person who is on the other end, one must be very careful with whom they are sharing their screen. If you decide to give access to the other person to control your device, they will have complete access to your notes, photos, emails, storage, etc., Hence enough care must be taken to clear your screen and lock all your important and confidential information before attempting to screen share using FaceTime apk.

As Apple and its software ecosystem continue to grow, more advanced features such as app-only sharing, and window-only sharing may give us the much-needed protection against the disadvantages.

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