Apple FaceTime bug fixed in iPhone update

By | March 19, 2022

Apple announced  FaceTime bug for FaceTime update and promised software updates next week. This is a significant risk for individuals, but fortunately, Apple will be involved.

Sometimes you want to close  FaceTime bug immediately.  iOS 12 has a new error, which allows FaceTime callers to listen to the recipient’s microphone without answering the receiver’s amplifier. Apple apologizes for the Apple bug and releases a statement promising to fix it next week.

FaceTime bug update

Apple released a media statement acknowledging the error.  “We are aware of the problem and have confirmed the solution for a software update this weekend. Apple turned off FaceTime bug Group completely.

The easiest way is to add yourself as a FaceTime participant at the end of the call if you are calling someone else’s voice through a FaceTime video chat.  You can hear the other party’s view until the other party gets stuck without answering.

You can easily copy using iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR on Macworld, but it turns out to be very scary when the recipient doesn’t recognize the phone ringing.

 Good days are good intentions

The situation is getting worse.  According to the 9to5Mac report, if someone stops pressing the power button when someone calls you, they will start sending video streams without knowing the video.  At this point, you may hear the sound, but sometimes you may not know that your voice and video are being transmitted because you are not answering the call.

They used the first method to call friends using iPhone 6s, and they think this FaceTime bug has changed differently.  Even if you do not want to answer a call, adding, because the recipient forces the call to connect.  He can hear me, they can listen to him, but he does nothing.

 What can you do

Note that this means that FaceTime can upload someone who calls you.  Even if Apple finally launches FaceTime Group, it won’t wait until next week to make the necessary corrections.  As Apple wrote in the statement:

Fix FaceTime bug security vulnerabilities from Apple Server Group.we will release a software update to re-enable functionality for users.  After the engineering team understands the details needed to replicate the error, we hope to convince our customers that FaceTime Group will be launched soon and recovery will begin.  We are working to improve the process of receiving and developing this report so that it is available to the right people as quickly as possible.  We take the safety of our products very seriously and continue to work to win the trust of our customers.

It’s easy to disable FaceTime.  Open the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll to FaceTime, click and deactivate using the switch at the top.  Also, entering the phone in an “automatic” mode prevents incoming FaceTime calls.

This is an extraordinary mistake, especially for companies that value privacy and security.  This is also one of the mistakes that make us wonder how to find this FaceTime bug.  But it is not so much.  When they tried to copy, they realized that if they try to contact someone over the phone, someone might accidentally click on their name.

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