How to record FaceTime video call on iPhone/iPad & Mac

By | April 1, 2022

How to record FaceTime video call on iPhone/iPad & Mac: Are you planning to record a FaceTime video call on your iPhone or Mac? This is a surprising fact that Apple owners are no longer interested in calling someone. They want to use features like FaceTime. It is now emerging as a convenient method to maintain contact with loved ones. At times, you will find it extremely beneficial to record a FaceTime call. In some versions, it is possible to record the video only and not audio. It is now easy to maintain touch with near and dear ones. What users really laud is the simplicity and immediacy of the app. It is now quite easy to see our overseas relatives. FaceTime is one of the most used applications of the household.

How to record FaceTime video call

The moments spent with friends and loved ones are always special. There are some special moments which we prefer to keep forever such as while conversing with our grandparents on auspicious occasions like festival or birthday. Thanks to advancement of technology, it is now possible to keep a digital copy as memory.

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Let us learn how you can record FaceTime video call on Mac

  1. Just open the FaceTime app on your Mac.
  2. Just tap the QuickTime on your app and then go to file and choose> New Screen recording.
  3. There is a little arrow down button which is present in the QuickTime. Then, select the microphone.
  4. It is possible to record the whole computer screen or just a specific section. The better idea is to record the entire screen instead of specific section. You can use mouse to drag the recording area. By releasing the mouse, the screen recording would automatically start.
  5. After the conversation is over with friend or the family member, just hang up the call and tap the stop button. It is located in the menu bar of the mac. 
  6. The video recording would appear on the foreground with the help of QuickTime. You can save it by going to file and > choosing save.

How to record FaceTime video call

Let us now learn how to record FaceTime calls on ipad and iPhone.

  1. Just plug your iPhone or ipad in your mac by using the USB to the lightning cable. You have to ensure that the device is unlocked and also the home screen is clearly visible.
  2. Just activate the QuickTime app on the mac.
  3. By using QuickTime as the active app, go in the file and select new movie recording.
  4. A window would appear, click upon the arrow down button. Simultaneously, select the ipad or iPhone just beneath the camera section. Through this step, we are instructing QuickTime to record screen of ipad or iPhone.  
  5. Just click upon the red recording button which is present in the QuickTime and then you start the FaceTime call.
  6. Once you are done click the same button to halt recording. Simply go to File>Save for saving the recording. It is not a very tough task to record FaceTime video call.

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