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By | April 2, 2022

Facetime online chat with friends and colleagues is now part of modern life.  I use Skype and FaceTime almost every day at home or work, so I spend a lot of time improving video quality. You don’t have to be satisfied with the results below even if you’re wearing pajamas or a shirt in a Facetime online chat. Here are some of my favorite tips for making webcam videos more beautiful than other videos.

Facetime online chat

Tips for facetime on online

  • Video from above, not from below
  • Light up
  • Make a good background
  • Add effects and white balance to iGlasses
  • Video from above, not from below


Light up

If you want to create a mysterious atmosphere, it sounds like an amazing “call you in a dark cave”, but it’s not the best way to Facetime online chat with a colleague.  If you need effective communication, you put a little light on your face.  I found it better to use the ambient lighting behind the computer and the camera.

Facetime Check Here

If you need to bathe the entire desk, consider using portable LED lights and a tripod.  Facetime online chat, the large-scale editor of iMore, uses these lights to light up the house’s private studios and laminate video shows such as MacBreak Weekly.


avoid directing the light directly on your face, except when the sun is far from a certain distance, and there is a specific diffusion.  You should also make sure that the fire is evenly lit on both sides so that it does not come out of the phone in the dark cave.  “Please send help, and I’m in the investigation room.”

 Make a good background.

In general, if you are chatting from a specific location in your home (especially for these video chat jobs), you need to get organized.

Some things to avoid during video chat:

Windows and lights:

To fix, Facetime online chats the window with a curtain and turn off the lights.

 Crazy mode:

They focus on frames with reflective glass: I violated this rule but placed posters or photos on walls that reflect studio lighting or use anti-reflective acrylic.

Trash and other messy things:

studio space looks more professional and not dirty, especially if you ask someone to do something

facetime for mac

FaceTime online chat alternatives

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a simple alternative to Facetime online chat.  Many people use Facebook, including most (maybe) people you know.  This means that many people can make video calls with others without having to persuade them to use the new service.  The application itself works even when the app is large and thick.  It also works on the platform so you can join your happy friends and your iOS and Android computers.  We hope to decrease the security of our Facebook application.

Facetime app


The first application on the list is called Glide.  Technically speaking, this is a Facetime online chat messaging service that can record video messages and transmit them to others.  The sender can see the recorded messages in real-time, but there is no live video chat application because it is a video messaging app with multiple live chat features.  This is not a live video chat application but instead, fill in the Android FaceTime area to send videos to friends.  At least it’s free.

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