How to Facetime app download for Windows 10?

By | October 25, 2019

How to Facetime app download for Windows 10??: FaceTime is one of the popular video chatting applications, that is particularly developed only for iOS devices officially. Though there are many sites coming up with this application, still downloading it sometimes give trouble. This application is developed with the attractive features that make it so popular among the users. Even facetime app download for Windows 10 is available for using this interesting application on PC or laptops. So that chatting through this application becomes much easier and can view each other.      

facetime app download for Windows 10        

Download FaceTime for Windows 10

FaceTime apk has the best attractive features that have made this application more popular. FaceTime app download for Windows 10 is also becoming popular among the users. The attractive features of this application are as listed below.          

  1. Facetime application is one of the fastest video calling applications which can be operated by just a single tap for direct calling.
  2. This application is user-friendly and easy to operate.
  3. This app has got one best feature which makes the user appear at two different places at the same time.
  4. This application does not accompany any timer functionality for counting the time against regular data calls.
  5. This application is secure and free from all the malware.
  6. Accessing other applications even though a call is running in the background is possible through this application only.
  7. The another most important feature of this application is the visibility settings which can be adjusted according to user convenience.

facetime app download for Windows 10

The process of FaceTime for Windows 10 download

FaceTime for Windows 10 can easily be downloaded by the users who are interested in using it. Though this application is not directly available on the official website, still it can be installed in the PC with the help of emulators. Here is the step-by-step procedure of facetime app download for Windows 10.

  1. The first and foremost step is to check if the emulator is present in the PC or not, in case if it is not present, then it is necessary to download one emulator first.
  2. The emulator to be used is preferable ‘Bluestacks’, which can be downloaded by browsing it in the online.
  3. Once the emulator is ready, it is necessary to install the facetime application in the PC by following the process.
  4. Now just download the application by visiting the official website of facetime.
  5. Then visit the location of the file, and click on the ‘open with’ option present there.
  6. Now open with the Bluestacks option, so that facetime application installation setup should be run.
  7. Then facetime app icon appears in the list of ‘all apps’ of Bluestacks application and starts using it without any difficulty.
  8. Then open ‘Bluestacks’ application in order to link the google account by filing all the required details, which is the most important step to use the application.

In the above-mentioned process, facetime app download for windows 10 takes place. Now it is ready to use this application without many efforts.

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