FaceTime App Download Privacy Policy Updated 2022

Hey guys what’s up, I hope all of you are doing absolutely fine. From our couple of days research we are fine that many of you are looking for the FaceTime app download privacy policy and many of the Android user are looking for rather they want to know that FaceTime app is available for Android user or not. So if you are looking for the same same thing then you are at the right post because in this article we are going to discuss about the same topic which you are looking for.

As the days are passing the technology are also spreading like a virus, nowadays you will find in every smartphone whether it is an Android or an iPhone you will get to see in every phone a face cam with a good video quality captured as well as good voice recording capture. But FaceTime app is a product of apple so you will not be able to use this app on your androids smartphone, but don’t worry because below in this article we will recommend some of the alternative of FaceTime app which you can use on your Android smartphone so before leaving this article you must once go through those alternative for FaceTime app.

Apple configured FaceTime app in such a way that this app can only be used on iOS device so the answer is simple that you can’t use so called FaceTime app on your Android smartphone. It is the question among meaning of you that where this app is available to download, here is the answer. We have already discussed that this so called FaceTime app is configured by iOS Apple so you can found this app on your iOS device iTunes store and not in the Google Play Store for Android users.

From our research we have found that there are many websites on Google they are offering you to download rather there providing apk for FaceTime app how to use on your Android smartphone, which is completely scam. If you download those apk on your devices, your device may get damage as they will not working or a malware. So be careful regarding this issues. So it is our request to all of our users that it be careful rather be cautious regarding search false claim we suggest you not to use any fake APK on your device which may hamper your device so the better option is that you must use the alternative feature available in the market in respect of FaceTime app.

Now let’s talk about the alternative app feature available in the market in respect of FaceTime app for the Android users.

1: – Google Hangout

2: – Skype

3: – Viber

4: – Tango

5: – ooVoo

6: – Google Duo app

All the above mention app AP are the the alternative app in respect of FaceTime app for the Android users. So so if you find this article a valuable one then please leave a valuable comment for us which will motivate us to bring more information like to all of you.