FaceTime App Download for Android APK, iPhone & PC Windows

FaceTime App Download for Android APK, iPhone & PC Windows: Video calling is becoming popular in these days, to contact people and see them, though living in various cities of the world. In the video calling, it allows staying connected with everyone by talking and seeing them. Hence, instead of just using telephone lines, data or Wi-Fi is used for video calling. So this video calling is possible through various famous applications available, by just installing them in mobile devices and make use of it. FaceTime App is one such wonderful video calling application from Apple specially designed for iOS devices that are iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac.

FaceTime App

Features of FaceTime App

FaceTime App allows users to see perfectly with clear audible sound to hear, though they are in distant places. Hence, this makes the application famous and there are many other amazing features embedded in it. Here is the list of some best features of FaceTime App:

  1. FaceTime App is simple to use with a single tap on it in just a few minutes.
  2. FaceTime App is updated frequently, in order to enhance its quality.
  3. This app does not contain any timer in it, to count the time spent on one call.
  4. One of the best features of this application is that it allows turning off the visibility if the user is busy with an important video call.
  5. This application allows in accessing other features while continuing the call in the background.
  6. FaceTime App is designed with both videos along with voice call options.
  7. It comes with an option to mute, whenever desired during the call and remove it after some time.
  8. In order to do a video call using this application, the user can use either front or rear camera as per the requirement.
  9. The PiP image displayed on the screen, allows the user to adjust the position in front of the camera, during the call.
  10. It consumes only data package or WiFi and no need to recharge for it specially.

FaceTime App

FaceTime Apk for Android devices

FaceTime App is developed by Apple Company only for the iOS devices. Hence, as of now, there is no FaceTime App available for Android devices. In near future, FaceTime App may be designed for Android devices also by Apple Company only. Though there is no FaceTime App for Android devices, still there are several other video calling applications available, which offers similar features and with good quality of video as well as voice calling.

FaceTime Apk for iOS devices

FaceTime Apk, which is a video calling application, is specially designed for iOS device users only by Apple Company. FaceTime Apk is available for download from iTunes app store for iOS devices. It is essential to check whether the iOS device you are using is compatible to use FaceTime App or not. The iOS devices that are well suited to download this application are

  • iPhone 4 and later versions
  • iPod touch of 4th generation and later versions
  • Mac Book of v10.6.6 and later versions
  • iPad 2
  • iPad mini and later versions

In order to download FaceTime application for iOS devices, below are the steps to follow:

  1. First of all, it is essential to make sure that iOS device you are using to download is compatible or not.
  2. Next, it is mandatory to check there is enough space to download the application in the device.
  3. Next, click on iTunes application present on your iOS device and open it.
  4. Then search the FaceTime App by typing in the search bar.
  5. Then select the latest version of the application from the list that appears.
  6. After selecting the application click on it and then click on the install button that is displayed.
  7. It installs in just a few minutes if the speed of the internet is high else takes time.
  8. Once the installation process is completed, open the application and then configure it.
  9. In order to set up the account in this application, type user mobile number and then provide contact list in order to search other FaceTime users.
  10. Then signup the account with AppleID and set callerID for contact with others.
  11. Then start using the application very easily and update it regularly with newer versions for better quality as well as usage.

In the above-listed process, FaceTime application is downloaded and installed in any of the iOS devices that are compatible to use. Hence, users should follow all the steps in order to install the application successfully and use it to call their family members or relatives or friends through video call or voice call.

FaceTime Apk for PC or laptop

FaceTime App is not officially available for Windows PC, but instead, it is available to download by installing an emulator. It is essential because emulator helps to run APK file on the device. Bluestacks is one of the best emulators for PC, though there are plenty of android emulators available for installing FaceTime application. Here is the process required to download and install FaceTime Apk on PC or laptop.

  1. First, it is necessary to download Bluestacks application on the PC or laptop.
  2. Then after downloading this application, install it by clicking the button.
  3. Once it is successfully installed, open it and fill the google account details, which is mandatory.
  4. Then download the FaceTime Apk file.
  5. After the file is downloaded, check where it is present and open the file.
  6. Then check the Bluestacks application as the option and click it.
  7. Now the installation of FaceTime app starts with the help of Bluestacks application.
  8. Once the installation is completed, FaceTime app icon is displayed in the ‘All apps’ tab of Bluestacks application.

Though there is no official application is provided by Apple, still, the above process is used in order to download the application either in PC or even in the laptop. In case if the users are unable to install this application then the better option is to search other similar video calling applications that are available.