Top Best Alternatives to Facetime App 2019

By | January 27, 2019

Top Best Alternatives to Facetime App 2019: Facetime is one the coolest application for video calling. Though it is first developed with the intention to serve only iOS devices, later on, other operating systems were able to access. It may not be available directly on some of the operating systems, but can be used with the emulators. There are many alternatives to facetime applications which are similar.

Top Best alternatives to facetime app

Facetime application for iOS devices will not allow making a call for the devices on which it is not accessible. So, it is necessary to make a video call through other similar applications. There are plenty of video calling app present which supports all the platforms. Here is the list of top video calling alternatives to facetime application.

  1. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is one of the leading chatting application used by a large number of people. This application is accessible on all the platforms. This application allows making a video call apart from sending text messages, chatting, voice call and sharing images. This application gets updated frequently with new features on every new version. Download

  1. Viber


Viber is yet another chat platform with a huge number of users all over the globe. This application can be used on any platform. One of the best features is that ads will not interfere in between chatting or a video call. Viber allows to make calls, chat, send images or make voice calls. Download 

  1. Skype


Skype is another best social chatting platform with millions of users. This application is supported by all the platforms. One of the best features of this application is that it allows recording the voice calls. This application is available for free, but for some extra features, charges are applicable. Download

  1. WeChat


WeChat being another chat application is most popular. It is most popular in China in comparison with other countries. This application though specially developed for Windows, it can also be accessed by iOS and Android users. It is available for free and gets updated frequently. Download

  1. Oovoo


Oovoo is another top video calling application. One of the famous app used by the huge number of people around the world. This application can be accessible by all the platforms. Oovoo makes video calling easily along with voice calls. Download 

We will keep updating the information about best alternatives to facetime app as per upgrades in the market on FaceTime for Android, we will be back with more. If you have any doubt, then please send us your message at FaceTime App.

All the above mentioned are the best video calling sites. These are the top five sites which are best alternatives to facetime app. Hence, pick it the best site from the above list for video calling. All these are similar to facetime and are accessible on all the platforms.

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