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3 way Facetime Video Calls On iPhone, iPad

As long as all participants use an iPhone, iPad, or Mac running iOS 12.1 or Mojave. They can make video calls for up to 31 people (or 32, including themselves). What to do if the 3 way Facetime group does not work. Google may display an older version of this cached story.  Click here to… Read More »

Does Facetime use data on iPhone, iPod for video call

Do iPhone users have any questions about using data, such as using FaceTime and talk time? So, if your information is limited, you must disconnect your cellular network. This makes FaceTime Wi-Fi only for data use. Makes FaceTime use data Yes, right. However, you can disable access to FaceTime. In addition to mobile data plans… Read More »

Apple FaceTime bug fixed in iPhone update

Apple announced  FaceTime bug for FaceTime update and promised software updates next week. This is a significant risk for individuals, but fortunately, Apple will be involved. Sometimes you want to close  FaceTime bug immediately.  iOS 12 has a new error, which allows FaceTime callers to listen to the recipient’s microphone without answering the receiver’s amplifier.… Read More »

How to share screen on FaceTime?

How to share screen on FaceTime?: The process in which one user’s screen on a device is made visible to another person on their device is called screen sharing. There are various reasons why people do this. You are browsing to the other person for an issue that you ran into on your device. Though… Read More »

FaceTime for iPhone download: How to use FaceTime on iPhone

FaceTime for iPhone download: FaceTime is one of the video and voice calling applications, that is designed with some best features in it. FaceTime application is specially designed for iOS devices only, so that no other devices will be able to use it. FaceTime app as some of the amazing features embedded in it.  This… Read More »