How to FaceTime international number

By | January 7, 2022

How to FaceTime international number: The rates for making calls within the country are very reasonable. However, the calls to international numbers are highly expensive and that is why, nowadays, people use different types of applications to make a free call to international numbers and FaceTime is also one of the most common options to make ISD calls and that is also at a completely free of cost.

How to FaceTime international number

FaceTime is an iOS and macOS based option for making calls peer to peer. To make a call through FaceTime, both the caller needs to have FaceTime and FaceTime is supported only on Apple devices.

Why Audio FaceTime Call?

You may think that why you should do audio calls instead of the video when FaceTime is providing the option and you even don’t have to pay anything? The prime reason for the same is the consumption of net balance and quality.

It is obvious that a video call will consume a lot of data in respect of audio calls. So, unless you have an unlimited data pack, audio FaceTime is the best option. 

Quality is also one of the reasons for the increasing demand for audio FaceTime calls. Due to the issue with internet bandwidth, the video quality of FaceTime may not be as good as expected. As video calls require a lot of data, that is why, due to slow speed the video call experience may not be good, however, with audio calls, you may not have to face similar issues.

How to FaceTime International Number?

The latest version of FaceTime in iOS 7, you can now easily make audio calls along with the video. This option was not available with the previous updates. This allows you to make a call to anyone without the need for cellular connection or even balance.

To use FaceTime, you just need high-speed WiFi connectivity and you are ready to go.

How to FaceTime international number

Here are the steps on how to FaceTime international number: – 


  • The best part with FaceTime is that you don’t need to install FaceTime as it comes pre-installed with the device’s operating system.
  • To start a FaceTime call, you need to follow some steps for registration. The steps are: – 
  • Go to setting
  • Select FaceTime
  • Turn on the application by touching the on/off option
  • Select the option of “Use your Apple Id for FaceTime”
  • Now enter your Apple id and password
  • Your mobile number will be detected on its own.
  • Complete the registration process.
  • Now to make calls from FaceTime, open the application again.
  • Enter the mobile number or the email address to which you want to make the call.
  • If the name of the person is already in your contact list, you can just type the name.
  • Click on the Audio button to start an audio call only.
  • You can switch easily from audio to video or vice-a-versa through FaceTime Android. However, it will need approval from the person you are calling. 


So, this is the process of how to FaceTime international number.

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