FaceTime for Android Download [Latest Update]

By | January 7, 2018

FaceTime for Android Download: FaceTime app is one of the best video and voice calling application, that is designed with attractive features in it. This application is specially designed for iOS devices only. Henceforth, it is not available to download and install on Android devices or other platforms. Though it is not possible to use on Android devices, due to the popularity of this application it is being developed even for the Android operating system by the Apple company. Apart from FaceTime application, there are many similar video calling applications available and specially designed for Android devices. Many other similar applications have best features embedded in them, so as an alternative, users can use it till FaceTime for Android Download is designed.

FaceTime for Android Download

FaceTime for Android Download

FaceTime app which is designed for iOS devices is available in iTunes store only. Hence, there is no chance for the Android users to download it from Google play store. Instead, meanwhile, they can use an alternative application. It is essential for the users to stay away from those websites, which are claiming that they are providing FaceTime app for Android. The files these sites provide either do not work nor they contain malware. If this application is designed then it will be available in official website also from where users can download it. Hence, be cautious and stay away from fake sites that offer FaceTime for Android Download.

Incredible features of FaceTime app

FaceTime for Android Download

FaceTime for Android Download is being developed by Apple company and it comes with amazing features. The features of this application which made it is so popular to develop on other platforms too. Here we included some of the best features which are ought to be designed in Android apk file also apart from the new ones.

  1. One of the best features of FaceTime application is its easy navigation either in the video call or voice call or even to send text messages to the other users.
  2. Another best feature of this application is to mute the audio while a video call is running, in order to avoid unnecessary sounds and unmute it whenever the user wishes as per their requirement.
  3. This application comes with yet another attractive feature which makes to look at the visual interactions as if the user is at two different places at the same time.
  4. FaceTime application is designed with a small PiP image, that makes users see their image when they sit in front of it, while video call is running in the background.
  5. FaceTime application for Android devices can be used either with the rear camera or even front camera to make a video call.
  6. FaceTime application is designed with excellent visual quality and best audio in their video and voice calls respectively. Though it offers high quality, still the resolution of the device being used also matters.
  7. FaceTime application makes use of data only and does not charge anything for the video or voice calls that are used by this application.
  8. This application is not designed with a timer in it and users can make a call of unlimited duration.

All the above are the existing features of FaceTime application which will be included even in the Android app. Though, these features are present still it comes up with more amazing and new features designed in FaceTime app for Android devices. Hence, hoping that FaceTime app for Android platform comes soon and is available for all the users of Android OS.

FaceTime for Android Download [Latest Update]
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