How to use FaceTime on iPad?

By | January 6, 2022

How to use FaceTime on iPad?: FaceTime a popular video calling application specially designed for Apple devices is one of the wonderful applications. It has won the user’s heart by its excellent features that help in talking to their dear ones who are at far destinations. This application is possible to be used by iOS users only. So, even iPad users will be able to use this application for video calling. People might be wondering how to use FaceTime on devices. iPad users no need to worry anymore because we are going to help you in downloading and using the FaceTime app in a hassle-free manner.

The process to download FaceTime for iPad

FaceTime on iPad


Users might be thinking about how to use FaceTime on the iPad, so in order to use it, the first thing is to download the FaceTime app on the iPad. Here are the steps to follow to download FaceTime on iPad.

  • The first thing in the process is to touch the FaceTime icon that is present on the home screen of the iPad.
  • The next step is to sign in using Apple ID or iCloud account. In case if they are not present then it is necessary to create a new account.
  • Once the account creation is completed the next step is placing calls by selecting the email address present in it.
  • It is essential to enable FaceTime application even before making a call. 
  • It can be enabled by visiting the ‘Settings’ icon, then in that check out the FaceTime option.
  • Now, just beside the option, there presents a toggle button to make it enable or disable.
  • Once it is enabled calls can be done using FaceTime application.
  • Then upon touching the FaceTime logo on iPad it will open and ask to select the contact for which calls need to be done.
  • Once the user on the other end accepts the call, then the call establishes and will be able to talk.

In this way, a video call can be done between iOS users.

FaceTime on iPad

How to use FaceTime on iPad along with features?

Using FaceTime is simple, but it has got some excellent features because of which the application became popular. So, let’s have a look at these features.

  • Switch camera

Switch camera button helps to view the user’s who are there on the opposite side. In iPad devices, a switch camera is present on the backside.

  • Image is adjustable

The image of the user will be small and can be adjustable anywhere on the screen.

  • Mute button

Mute button allows muting whenever required on the call.

These amazing features allow the users to use the FaceTime app to call and talk with their dear ones whenever required who are in distant places. So, in an above-mentioned way, the FaceTime app will be used on the iPad to make video calls quite easily with outputting many efforts. Though there are many video calling applications still FaceTime app is used by most of the iOS users.

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