Facetime for Samsung video call s8, galaxy s8

By | January 21, 2022

Facetime for Samsung video call s8, galaxy s8: Facetime is an app purely crafted for Apple gadgets such as iPhones, iPad, and Mac. It can be utilized by the users to spend quality time with their loved ones in a face to face interaction. Though for Android users the app is not exclusively accessible since the application is only valid on Apple devices but there are a bunch of options to Facetime your friends and family. Below is the list of few alternatives that are available free of charge and can be downloaded on your Samsung devices.

Facetime for Samsung video call s8, galaxy s8

Facetime for Samsung

Facebook Messenger

This works as an alternative to Samsung users through which they can interact socially. Accompanied by an additional feature of instant messaging, Facebook Messenger can act as a cool replacement for Facetime. In all Samsung devices, Facebook app comes as a pre-installed app, however, Fb Messenger must be downloaded independently from the Google Play Store. The messaging and face-timing features of the app are pleasing enough for smooth interaction. With this, android users can also video call on other devices such as iOS, Android and Windows computers. It can be download for free. Samsung users can video call literally anyone across the globe.


It is one of the oldest substitutes available that provides free video calling, messaging and even screen sharing options. Skype is support Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and even Linux. It is available on the Google Play Store for free. Apart from that, with a nominal charge, one can call even on a mobile or a landline through Skype.

Google Hangouts

It is one of the most popular options as it is available instantly with all the google accounts. With all the features of video calling and messaging, an android user can immediately log in. As soon as the phone setup is completed, the user can have access to Hangouts with the same Google ID.


With the guarantee of being the most secure app through end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp has become the most used app by millions of users all across the world. Video calling, instant messaging, file sharing up to 100 MB and voice calling are the features that make this app unique and ideal for the users.


Facetime is a useful and effective service offered to the Apple users but not all the devices available are Apple devices. On that account to compete with Facetime, the above-mentioned choices can be extremely helpful. They are free and easy to use with all the services offered by Apple’s Facetime. All the options are available on the Google Play Store for Samsung and other Android phones for free. Therefore, Android users can also interact with their knowns through video calling facility. Other features such as instant messaging, file sharing, voice calling, and screen sharing is available on the mentioned apps. 

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