How to block on FaceTime calls and iMessages on iPhone, iPad, Mac

By | March 13, 2022

The expected update for Mavericks 10.9.2 allows users to block on FaceTime and iMessage contacts. This is a feature expected since iOS 7 got it five months ago. If you’ve previously blocked other users in iOS 7, the block list is synced to your Mac via iCloud with your iOS device. Make sure documents and data are open.

Block facetime on iPhone

At Mavericks, some phone numbers are blocked in iMessaging or FaceTiming, so you don’t need to enter your iOS device.

  1. First, open your Message or FaceTime and open the settings. To import settings, press Command and Command or click “Message” / “FaceTime” in the menu bar and select “Settings.”
  2. Open “Settings” under “Order” and click on the “Account” tab. Then select your iMessage account from the list. FaceTime does not show a new window. Instead, a setting appears where the contact list is usually located in the application.
  3. Click the Block button here. In the Message, it is centered next to the Configuration button. On FaceTime, there is the lock button below the email address that is used as the complaint address.

block on Facetime

How to block on facetime

To block on facetime someone, press the + button. The Message is located to the left below the list of blocked numbers. On FaceTime, the + button is on the top right. You can immediately access your contact list and choose which to block on facetime from your contact list.

In the following example, we don’t want to block Mark Gurman, which is why we unlock it. Blocking a contact is slightly different from blocking someone. Select a name to be highlighted in blue in [Message], then press the [-] button on the bottom left or the Delete button on your keyboard. Click on your name on FaceTime and press the “Unlock” button.

There are limits to blocking people on your Mac. For messages, the blocked person must be in contact. This is different from having contacts in iOS 7, which are not necessarily included in the contact list. There is no easy way to prevent these people from receiving text messages. There is no option to right-click on the sender’s name to block it. Instead, you have the opportunity to add the address to your contact or write a new letter.

Facetime voice calls for iOS

Theoretically, you can add contact spammers, including a list of spammers. Because it is already in contact, you can block it on facetime, but you do not want to add a spam list to your contact list. Hopefully, Apple’s future updates will respond by preventing people from using messages.


Meanwhile, FaceTime is doing it through Apple. You can easily block on FaceTime calls from strangers or spammers. To do this, click Last calls, then click the white triangle next to Call time. Here you have the option to block this caller or add a caller to your contacts to make FaceTime or FaceTime audio calls. Select Block on facetime this caller to block the caller.

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