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By | March 9, 2022

In the 21st century, video calling is the trendiest word among all ages of people. Among all the daily activities, communication plays the most crucial part. When your loved one is at a distant location from you, then video calling is a relieving option for you. Through video calling, you will get the essence of talking to your friends or relatives at your place. Video calling also takes a major role in business. As most of us now go for work from home, video calling is also the solution for them. There is various video calling app available for your device. But among them, there are only selected best free video calling app for download.

Video calling app download

video calling app

best Video calling app

In this article, you will have a brief knowledge of video calling and the apps that are used for video calling. We will be listing the best video calling apps for windows, android, and iOS. You must remember that high-speed internet is a mandate for every high-efficiency video-calling.

Best video calling apps download

As per the trend, the video calling feature of an app always grabs the attention of the users. Thus, there are several top and best-ranking video calling apps listed below:

  1. Facetime– Facetime is the top-ranked video calling app only for Apple users. This app was developed by Apple Inc. for better video calling quality. It’s USP is low data with high-quality video calling along with audio calling also. The main disadvantage of facetime is that it only gets supported for iOS.
Facetime app

Video calling app

  1. WhatsApp Messenger– WhatsApp Messenger is beneficial for small group video calling up to 4 people. In the early ’20s, it has more than 2 billion users which is a remarkable mark. It can easily search for chats and messages made in the past. In this messenger, you can track whether your message got delivered or not. In context with video calling, the sound, as well as video quality, is excellent. You can add an individual in the mid of a video call.

best messaging app

  1. Google Duo– Google Duo supports both Android & iOS. It is a video calling app where there is one to one conversation. In this app, you can’t add another user in the mid of a video call, unlike WhatsApp. It sync’s your contact list for making any video call.
Google Duo


  1. Zoom- Zoom is the most reliable video conferencing app used by every corporate during meetings. Through the zoom app, you can add up to 1000 users in one video call which is a USP for this app. Zoom app download allows adding users in the mid of a video conference. Besides that, this app creates an id for a scheduled meeting and share it with the concerned people. It supports android, iOS as well as windows.
Zoom app download

App Zoom


In the above section, we have listed the top-rated video calling apps for your reference. These video calling apps will help you to communicate with your required person with the help of the internet. So, just tap the video button and chat with them

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