Facetime Video calling from Android to iPhone

By | January 30, 2019

Facetime Video calling from Android to iPhone: In these 4G technology days, video calling is the best option to talk with persons in two different places. Video calling creates a feeling as if they are in front of us and talking. In order to make video calls either through smartphones or tablets, there are many applications present that make the work easier. All the video calling applications do not work on all the platforms. Hence, it is important to install only the one which is suitable and works on the platform designed. Facetime application is one such application which is specially designed for iPhone devices and it is the inbuilt app. Hence, this application is not available on the Android platform and only iOS platform users can use this app for video calling. Android users are required to use similar applications for video calling.

Is it possible to call from iOS to Android platform

Facetime app is designed in such a way that it works only on iOS platform. Hence, there is no option of Facetime application working on Android platform. So, this app is used for video calling in between Apple devices only. So, it will be a better option to choose a similar application for Android devices for video calling. There are many cross-platform applications available apart from the facetime application, that allows video calling to any devices without any restrictions.

Process of video calling from Android to iPhone device

Facetime application has been developed only for iOS devices and it cannot be installed on Android devices. It doesn’t mean that there cannot be a video call between the iOS device and Android device. Definitely video calling is possible between iOS and Android device, but with the help of other third-party applications and not through facetime application. There are many other similar applications, which are designed for all the platforms such as Google Hangouts, Skype, Viber and many more. All these popular applications run seamlessly without any flaws in them, making their users happy with better features in it and updated regularly with new versions.

FaceTime App

In order to make a video call from iOS to Android device through video calling application other than facetime app, there are certain steps to follow.

Here is the process to make a video call through Google Hangouts from Android phone to iPhone.

  1. At first, it is essential to ensure the availability of free space to install the application.
  2. Then visit the Google store and search for Google Hangouts application of latest version over there.
  3. Then click on the install button present below it.
  4. Once the installation process of Google hangouts completed, the user needs to follow few more steps to make a video call.
  5. Now users are required to sign in into Google hangout application, by filling in the required details of already existing Google account.
  6. Now you are ready to make a video call and talk with your dear ones if their contact exists in your list.
  7. If you want to block any contact or change your profile pic then simply select the menu button present on the right corner of the application.
  8. Now just click on the add button and select the contact of iPhone users with whom you want to chat.
  9. Now to start the video call with the contact just click on the video button that is displayed in the left corner of the application.

In the above, process a video call can be done to an iPhone from the android phone using other application, apart from facetime app. The other video calling applications offer free as well as paid features.

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Here is the list of some of the app: Facetime Video calling from Android to iPhone

  1. Skype application comes with free and paid features included in it.
  2. Facebook messenger application is completely free.
  3. Oovoo application includes free and paid features.
  4. Tango is completely paid application.
  5. Viber is an application that comes with paid features.

Hence, Android or Windows users need not worry to make a call to iOS user if facetime application is not available. You can check out with other applications.

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